Keeping The Spark Alive

Happily Ever After

When it comes to relationships, how can we guarantee that it’ll be long-term? Well GezzyGirl has rounded up everything you need to know on how to keep the spark alive!

1. Throw Parties – By throwing a party and inviting both your groups of friends over, you’ll have an opportunity to be around each other without being attached to one another. This is a great way to keep any long-term relationship interesting. You can spend time getting to know his friends, while he does the same. It will be enriching, exciting and fun!


2. Visit somewhere new together – By going to a new city, a new restaurant, a new park, theatre or beach, you’ll be opening a wide range of new conversation. You’ll also get great new experiences together, and exciting memories. It’s really revitalising for any relationship to be put in a situation where you are both on equal footing, both unaware of what this new place has in store for you.

3. Spend some time apart – This is probably one of the hardest things to do. When you love and care for someone, you literally want to spend as much time with them as possible, but it’s important to have a little space. For couples staying together, consider spending a night apart every once in a while. Maybe spend a weekend at your parents, or have a catch up sleep over with an old friend. Being apart not only allows you some freedom, but will also make you miss each other and help you realise how much you actually need each other – keeping a long-term relationship interesting.


4. Give each other gifts – Giving a gift to someone not only lets them know that you love them, but also that you’ve been thinking about them when they weren’t around. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or pricy, just make sure it’s something from the heart that you know your partner would love. Surprising your partner with a small gift every now and then is essential for the future health of your relationship.

5. Make surprise visits – Stop by when you have some free time just to take them out for lunch, drop off a chocolate, or just to say hello. Anything to put a smile on their face. This has the same reasoning behind it as giving a small gift, except even better! Rather than just letting them know that you’re thinking about them, let them know that you were missing them and you urgently needed to see them!


6. Go on dates – Just because you’ve been dating for a while now, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your partner to a romantic dinner or a picnic on the beach. Do some planning and make a reservation at someplace affordable and romantic, Guys, open the door for her, order some wine and dessert and hold her hand. Don’t forget to be a gentleman and pay for the date! Make it a regular thing, monthly, weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your budget and schedules. It may seem like a lot of work, but trust me, it’ll only make your relationship stronger and healthier.

7. Set goals together – This will strengthen not only your relationship, but your ambition as well! Sit down with your partner and decide where you both want to be in the next 5 to 10 years. Set goals on your neighbourhood, health, house, family and kids, jobs, studies, etc. – and remember to tell each other how you plan on achieving it. Check up on each other and encourage each other. There are always ways to better yourself and your relationship, and its better to do it together rather than separately.


8. Try something new in the bedroom – Trust me, there’s always something you haven’t tried! It you really want to give your relationship staying power, give a little extra effort in the bedroom: try out some new positions, bring in some sex toys, whips and chains, maybe even a video camera! These things may not sound appealing to you, but it a try and you may be surprised!


All in all, the best way to keep a long-term relationship interesting, and well, long-term, is to simply add that element of “new” to your life, and your relationship. Cook new meals together, go to gym together, go on hikes or walks in different areas, or take up some dancing lessons together. Whatever it is, don’t ever stop searching for something new to converse about and keep that initial feeling alive for the years ahead.

Happliy Ever After

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